Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No! Time to Lose!

At the risk of losing my own regular readers to more interesting websites, I would like to share some of the websites that have distracted me from working on the car lately.

This is a blog for the new-ish magazine Make: technology on your time, which is gripping reading for someone who enjoys better or cheaper ways of doing things. Everything from how to mount a flashlight to a bicycle handlebar with less than $1 in parts to how to build your own MP3 player. (The handlebar mount may translate well into "how to mount a small object to chassis tubes in a race car.") One of their mottos is "If you can't open it, you don't own it!"

Cool Tools
Kevin Kelly's "Cool Tools" is a collection of useful, cool, I-want-one tools and books recommended by readers. Less homemade than the things on Make:, these are the things the Makers may find useful, at least as inspiration.

Street Use
Another of Kevin Kelly's sites, "Street Use" is a collection of down-home technology. Can't afford to buy it? Chances are someone in the world has made do with something they had on hand. That's the spirit behind Street Use.

Worth 1000
A picture is worth a thousand words, get it? I still haven't explored every corner of Worth 1000, but their Photoshop contests got me hooked, and their Photoshop tutorials are my excuse to keep coming back. "How to Chrome Plate Your Cherries" -- how could I stay away?

The website for mental_floss magazine. Can someone tell me why I hated history class but I can't get enough trivia? Maybe because my history teachers never had the wicked sense of humor that the mental_floss staff has. I also have several of their brilliantly-written books, though I am still asking for the others (and a subscription to the magazine) for Christmas, hint hint.

Between all that and working on the Haydon Racing Online Store, how's a guy supposed to get any sleep?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm Back

Yes, back from Mexico, a little burned and a little wiser (Cancun is for teenagers looking to get drunk and for tourists looking to watch teenagers getting drunk, not for anyone desiring a quiet, relaxing vacation).

I am excited to announce the opening of the Haydon Racing Online Store! The designs haven't been finalized yet (I will be adding and possibly removing and rearranging), but you will be able to buy such wonderful things as:
  • A T-shirt with a picture of the Tiga on the front and "65" on the back
  • A T-shirt with "65" in a white circle and "TIGA CFF" and "Haydon Racing" on the front
  • A license plate frame declaring "I (heart) Formula Ford / My other car is a TIGA"
I'll gladly add coffee mugs, mouse pads, tote bags, and dog shirts (dog shirts?? dog shirts!) with racing themes if you ask. Just say the word and I'll try, or else I'll come up with some excuse why I can't do it.

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Back to Mexico

Just in case anyone needs me during the coming week, I will be in Mexico from Saturday (11/04) through Wednesday (11/08). I'll be "connected" again on Friday (11/10).

I'd promise to bring back some sunshine, but the forecast calls for rain through Thursday.