Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Progress Report

Just wanted to let you all know that there has been no progress to report.

The crankshaft is currently at the machine shop for a check-up. The engine block is on the stand, waiting for me to finish taking all the threaded plugs out so the shop can check it as well. The rest of the engine parts are scattered all over the place, waiting to find out their destiny: part of a freshly-rebuilt motor, or scrap heap? Reassembly will begin when and if the block and crank are given a clean bill of health.

The engine bearings all looked brand-new when I tore the engine down. There were no metal shavings in the oil pan, which suggests that the flakes we saw in the oil filter were leftovers from the last meltdown. (Yes, I know, replacing the oil cooler and all the oil lines after blowing an engine is just basic engine building. It's also bloody expensive, thanks.) I now suspect that a flake or two made their way into the oil pressure gauge line and blocked the pressure from registering on the gauge.

I am still looking for a good (pronounced "easy") way of testing the oil pressure gauge. I can hook a second gauge to it via a T-fitting and pressurize the whole thing with an air compressor or nitrogen tank. Unfortunately, the compressor and nitrogen tank to which I have immediate access are both located several hundred feet away from where a car could go. I will not take the gauge out of the car because removing and installing it risks damaging the gauge. I don't want to replace the gauge again if I don't really need to.

That's not to say that I haven't been keeping busy. My goodness no. I've been doing all kinds of things. All kinds. Like... well, losing at Scrabble, for one. I have also re-read a few racing books, started to get a bit of a tan (nearly almost learned to swim, too), and bought a staple gun. I also saw a college friend on Jeopardy! (she was the champion for a day), outgrew my driver's suit, and watched a parade featuring two -- yes, two -- brand-new garbage trucks.

Not all on the same day, of course. You have to pace yourself.